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1970's Golf Equipment Challenge

1970's Golf Equipment Challenge

$ 60.00

1970's Golf Equipment Challenge

Join us July 12, 2017 for the 1970's Golf Equipment Challenge where will allow golfers to compete at 18 holes of medal play using Real Wooden Woods and Wound Balata Golf Balls. 

Each participant will be given a sleeve of 3 1970's vintage wound balata golf balls.  All Players Who Run Out Of Balls Are Eliminated From The Competition.

Tee shots must be struck with a wood on all par 4 and par 5 holes.

No wedges with more than 56 degrees of loft will be allowed for the competition.

No "Hybrids" or any other hollow metal club will be allowed.

Graphite Shafts Are NOT Allowed.

All Modern Steel Shafted Irons Are Allowed UNLESS they have hollow heads or other "hybrid" like features.

Players will be allowed to improve their lie (Lift, Clean and Place) 1 full club length no nearer the hole Through The Green (ball must be played as it lies inside a hazard. In sand traps the player will be allowed to rake up the bunker and place the ball).

The Top Player will be paid upon completion of the event.  The Top Money Position ties will be played off sudden death starting on number 1.

First Place - $85 Front 9, $85 Back 9, $85 Total Score


First Place Prize Will Be Paid Regardless of Field Size.  Field Is Limited to TEN PLAYERS !  Due To Golf Ball Availability The Field Size Is 10 Players For This Event !

Entry Is Open Right Up To Tee Time 7.12.17 @ 130pm at Brainerd Golf Course.  Reserve Your Spot By Adding To Cart And Purchasing This Item.


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