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E8 Tour Adjustable Fairway Wood | Tour Edge

E8 Tour Adjustable Fairway Wood | Tour Edge

$ 169.99

The all-new Tour Edge Exotics E8 Tour adjustable fairway wood delivers an unsurpassed level of excellence. The E8 Tour combines a tour-inspired design, a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, upgraded materials – and all with more loft adjustability options than the competition. Featuring loft options from 12 to 15.5 degrees along with 13, 14 and 15-degree options with a more upright lie angle, this level of versatility allows players to dial in the ideal ball flight with the E8 Tour. Add Exotics legendary power and distance, and the E8 Tour fairway wood becomes the ultimate players’ weapon.

The compact and powerful 150cc club head appeals to players’ sensibilities, and in true Exotics fashion encompasses brand new technology. The E8 Tour features a 475 Carpenter U.S. steel cup face that is micro-bonded to the body via a 360-degree robotic laser beam bonding process. This new process utilizing a robotic laser beam ensures the most accurate and miniscule bonding points. Procured under lower temperatures, the edges are more round and the extreme perfection of the laser beam provides zero tolerance. The E8 Tour is the first club marketed in the United States to utilize this bonding process, continuing the Exotics reputation for being at the forefront of club technology.

The smaller clubhead shape also allows the center of gravity to move higher and closer to the face for exceptional trajectory control and low spin ideal for players with higher swing speeds. The Power Grid cell design is similar to the E8 Beta fairway woods, reaching higher into the toe and thinner, allowing engineers to move the center of gravity closer to the face. This upgraded design gives players a more powerful launch with less spin, while providing the desired penetrating ball flight.

Exotics fairways woods are available in the most popular shafts on the market, and that trend continues with the E8 Tour. The next-generation Diamana™ +Plus Series shafts come standard in the new E8 Tour fairway woods. The Diamana +Plus Series build on the success of its 2011 predecessor. The new series has multiple bend profiles, features an adaptive balance point system, M.D.I. Technology and the ToughQure™ resin system. The E8 Tour fairway wood comes standard in the M+ or S+ series - D+ series is available as a custom option.

  • Adjustable Loft Options from 12 to 15.5 Degrees
  • Robotic laser beam bonding process bonds the cup face to the body
  • 150cc head with CG location higher and closer to the face for low spin and penetrating flight
  • Diamana Blue S+ 70 Stiff Graphite Shaft
  • Headcover Included


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