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Mike's Golf Shop is World Famous because WE BUY GOLF CLUBS !  To Go To Our SELL Your Golf Clubs Page, Click The Big Red Button ! 

Hassle Free System !

Get Paid FAST !

No Flaky Customers To Track Down !

Now you can sell your clubs by a simple step by step method.  We are solid and reliable;  you enter the clubs you want to send to us; we send you a USPS label and you get $CASH$ !

Watch The Video !  Mike Shows You How To Use The NEW System !

 We make it EASY to sell your clubs to Mike's Golf Shop.

Thank You for your business !

Please Note: We have done a soft launch of this new Trade-In Site.  Our database of clubs grows every day.  We specialize in the best quality, modern golf equipment available.  If you don't see the clubs you want to sell we apologize.