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1970's Equipment Golf Competition Event

Ladies and Gents !  We are going to have a 1970's gear golf competition!  

This event will be a competition of golfers using real wood drivers and fairway woods.  Graphite Shafts are outlawed.  Only blade, center shafted (bullseye) and ping anser type putters will be allowed.

We will play the absolute tips (within 3 club lengths of the back mown edge of the tee).

The purpose of this event is to enjoy golfing and remembering the challenge of controlling the balata ball with solid wood clubs.  We also hope the younger generations will appreciate what sort of swings are needed to control the ball.

The purpose of this competition is to have fun playing golf.  Test your skills using vintage equipment.  If you are good enough you can make some money and more importantly have the bragging rights !

Entry Deadline is 6.15.17 at 6pm.  To Enter The Event Go To The Golf Tournaments Tab On Our Home Page.  Click on the 1970's Golf Equipment Challenge link and Add To Cart and Checkout to reserve your spot and your Sleeve of 3 Balata Balls.

Join Us And Have Some Fun Playing Golf !

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