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We Have Built An Online System For YOU to SELL US YOUR CLUBS !

Mike's Golf Shop now has an online system for you to sell us your clubs !

We are a small company that focuses on customer service.  We appreciate each and every one of our customers because you are very important to us.

Our New Online System has been prepared so that our customers who do not live in our immediate Chattanooga, Tennessee area can easily sell us your clubs.  The system is a typical database of clubs in an integrated cart.  The key to the system is that we publish the prices that we pay in our database and you simply select the clubs from the database, evaluate their condition and configuration and Submit Your Order.  We then receive the list of clubs you want to sell us and we prepare a USPS label for you to slap on the box and ship to us.

When we receive the shipment of clubs from you, we will check them off the list and send you the money via paypal or check, whichever you decide you want.

Now we can branch out from our tribal geographical location of Chattanooga, Tennessee to all parts of the United States.

This new system dramatically increases the selection of clubs that we have for sale in our shop and helps our customers minimize their personal inventories of clubs so that you don't have so much $CASH$ tied up in clubs.  It helps you get rid of clutter in your house and garage and allows you to buy the latest possible clubs on the market for peak performance.

By all means, if you have any questions about the system just give us a call (423) 558-0372 and we will explain how it all works.

You can also watch our video showing you exactly how to use the system.

The database of clubs we purchase is focused on the most recently issued clubs.  While our  database of clubs will grow over time, we will remain focused on purchasing clubs of the highest quality.

We allow you to rate the clubs condition.  Typically, the prices we pay are higher than other used club warehouses because we allow our customers to rate the condition of the clubs.  This allows us to fairly allow more money for super high quality clubs and this also translates into our clubs in stock.

Give our new system a try and see how easy we make it to turn your used clubs into cash! We take all of the hassle out of selling your clubs and make it fun too ! 

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